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1st Feb 2023

Making a great first impression from the parking lot

Light pole banners, also known as boulevard banners, street pole banners and parking lot banners, have become an increasingly popular choice for businesses looking to advertise their product, service, or event. They are eye-catching and useful for drawing attention to your business and shopping centers. At Sign Outpost we offer hardware kits that come with everything you need to attach your banner onto a parking lot light pole in sizes including 18", 24", and 30". Our most common size pole banner is 24"x60" (2ft x 5ft) double sided made in our 13oz vinyl. To ensure customers get a quality design, we offer free design services to customize graphics for your light pole banners. 

Want to make a great first impression starts, it's start outside before a customer even walks through the door. Pole banners are perfect for increasing the visibility of your business, and bring a fresh vibrant look to your parking lot. If you’re looking to draw attention from people driving by or walking around the area, then this is the perfect outdoor signage option for you.

Want a cost effective solution to draw attention to your business centers storefronts? Parking lot banners are cost-effective, starting at $59 and up depending on the size you need. At Sign Outpost, we offer different sizes of light pole hardware kits that can be used on any type of post including round posts, square posts and aluminum posts. Plus, as always, our free design services make it easy and affordable to create custom graphics specifically tailored towards marketing your business or event!

If you're looking for a great solution to increase visibility while staying within budget constraints, let us help you with some custom pole banners. Our design team can help create for you an eye-catching advertisement that stands out from your competitors and lets your audience know you're there for them. Start today and take advantage of our free design services and let one of our designers help tailor a design towards for your business's marketing events. Contact us today if you’d like more information about what size pole banners can benefit your business!